Born in Lisbon, Tania Lopes began her musical experience at the age of 14 in the area of ​​Traditional Portuguese Percussion, passing through the Toca Rufar Orchestra.


From 1999 she began his training as an instrumentalist in Afro Mandingue, Cuban, Brazilian and Iberian Percussion. His teachers were Roderick Jackson (USA), Conny Kadia (GER), Gueladjo Sané (GBS), André Gonzalo (CUB), Éden Moreira (BRA) and Aleix Tobias (ESP).

His academic musical training went through the Academy of Music Amateurs, finishing at Escola Villas Boas - Hot Club de Portugal in 2009 with the 5th year of the Full Time Course in Afro Cuban Percussion with professor Osvaldo Pegudo, the 3rd year in Jazz Drums with teachers Pedro Viana and Bruno Pedroso and the 1st year of the Hot Band Students' Big Band under the direction of Luis Cunha.

Over the years, she has played in projects such as Gaitafolia, Dazkarieh, Tucanas, Transatlantistas (directed by Afonso Pais), Luiz and Lata, Farra Fanfarra, resident band of the program “Voz de Portugal” RTP1, program “Saturday à Luta” SIC, Homens da Luta, Celina da Piedade, Theater plays “Menino ao Colo” and "Viriato".


And with artists such as Amélia Muge, Né Ladeiras, Sara Tavares, João Balão, José Salgueiro, Carlos Guerreiro, Pedro Mestre, Afonso Pais, Adufeiras de Monsanto, Gaiteiros de Lisboa, José Manuel David, Ronda dos Quatro Caminhos, Luar na Lubre, Sétima Legião, Amor Electro, Rodrigo Leão, Jorge Fernando, Janita Salomé, Lura, Pedro Moutinho, Simone de Oliveira, Rita Redshoes, Filipa Cardoso among others.

She is currently a percussionist in Trabucos, Pedro Mestre, Vitor Paulo, Jorge Nunes Fado, among others.